The Rock Lutheran Church: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Plan

The Rock Lutheran Church: COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Response Plan


Mindful of the implications for public health posed by the coronavirus, The Rock has prayerfully chosen an action-oriented plan informed by Christian calling and civic responsibility. And, fully acknowledging that this is a serious matter, we are choosing a faith-forward approach over a fearful approach.  We commit to the following:

In anxious times, The Rock will still worship our God and serve our neighbor

We fully intend to continue with ministry at The Rock: Sunday worship, Bible Studies, Stepping Stones—all of it—and we’ll adapt as necessary if our local situation changes. We’ll pray earnestly and often. As long as it is legal and safe to do so, Pastor Mike will visit the sick, counsel families, preach God’s powerful gospel and baptize children. You will find that we are confident in Christ during this storm of sickness in our world.

We won’t be afraid (and we hope the germs will be terrified)

You and your frequently-washed hands will also find a thoroughly cleaned building—and hand sanitizer aplenty—at The Rock. We aim to strike fear in the heart of every germ in the building by carefully and frequently sanitizing handrails, door knobs and hard surfaces throughout our facility.

We will be smart about it

In all activities, warm smiles will replace warm hugs and hand waves will replace handshakes.  Offering baskets will be stationed at the door rather than passed through the aisles. Clean hands will offer bread and wine for communion, and equally-clean hands will serve cookies and coffee at The Rock Café. And, taking a page from Nico the comfort dog’s rule book, there will be no licking allowed—ever.  J 

You will also be smart about it

Forever Family members and guests from higher risk populations are encouraged to engage from home.  Nobody will guilt you for not attending our church service. If you’ve chosen to keep your distance from crowds, let us know by emailing [email protected] and we’ll assign an ambassador or Forever Family member to check in on you periodically until it’s safe to return. Keep sending your prayer requests to us through [email protected] And, if you’re feeling ill, be ill at home. You can listen to the Sunday message archives on our website.  Pastor Mike sounds really good online.

Click for answers: Are you at higher risk? Are you feeling ill

God is good, all the time…

The Rock has an opportunity to be a light to our community, a place of stability in a time of uncertainty, and a community of believers that testifies to the joy of faith in Jesus, our rock and our redeemer.

Many Blessings,

The Rock Directors and Pastor Mike

Important COVID-19 Information

  •       The most current and accurate information related to The Rock Lutheran Church and COVID-19 response plans can always be found at
  •       Reliable local and national information and current updates on COVID-19 can be found directly from the following websites:

o   Centers for Disease Control

o   Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

o   Four Corners Health Department