Use Your Gifts!

God has blessed every individual with unique gifts, skills and talents. We’d love to have you use your gifts in service at The Rock! As a bonus, helping out at The Rock will also give you the opportunity to connect with some great people, find a sense of belonging and experience the joy of being used by God!

Please fill out the form below if you are interested in serving in one of the many ways listed.

    First & Last Name



    Which areas are you most interested in serving?

    Bridge (sound board, livestream, worship software)

    Cafe (baking, food prep, clean-up, etc.)



    Marketing (graphic design, creative ideas, etc.)

    Media (video, photography, website, social networking)

    Music (instruments, vocals, sound board)


    Potlucks and meals (themes, setting up tables, clean-up, etc.)

    Small groups (Bible studies, fellowship opportunities, etc.)

    Youth (Faith Ink, Godparents)


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