Beyond Borders

Part of the mission statement of The Rock is to support “Mission Beyond Borders.” Below, you can learn about some of the missionaries and projects we encourage you to consider supporting in order to help fulfill that mission.


The Rock’s Guatemala Mission Team

guatemala teamThe Rock has supported Santa Cruz Lutheran Church in Amatitlan, Guatemala with a mission team yearly to conduct children, teen and women’s ministry. Our third team is planning a visit in summer of 2024. The Rock is also supporting the general work of the church which has continued in a variety of ways since the pandemic. Pastor Dr. Elry Orozco and his wife, Liz, serve Santa Cruz Lutheran church, medical clinic, and community of Amatitlan.

To help support this ministry, contact Jen Janousek or Emma Dannehl.


Ethan and Amanda Hutton

Serving in Costa Rica with Mission of Christ Network.

Ethan and Amanda Hutton, along with their two children Aubree and August, serve as missionaries in Costa Rica.  They live in Esterillos Oeste, where they are present in their local community.  As relationships develop over time, opportunities arise to intentionally share the hope that we have in Christ Jesus.

December 2023 update: The Hutton’s third child, Ezekiel, had to be hospitalized due to some health complications after birth. If you would like to make a donation to help with their unexpected medical expenses, visit their support page linked below. You can read about Ezekiel’s health HERE.

Ashley Johnson Wuerdeman

Serving at Stronghold Cambodia with Mission of Christ Network.

Ashley will be sharing the love of Christ with her students through teaching English as well as participating in other ministry efforts to build relationship in the community. She invites you to join her in God’s mission through your financial and prayer support, as she shares the love and hope of Jesus to children in Cambodia.

Hannah Hester

Serving in Taiwan with Mission of Christ Network

Hannah started serving in Taiwan in 2015. She has worked in elementary, middle school, and high school settings sharing the love of Jesus with all her students and colleagues, both American and Taiwanese. Hannah is excited to take on more projects to help with the missionary team in Taiwan, both at Concordia Middle School in Chiayi and the surrounding community of Chiayi, Taiwan. She will get to see over 400 students and witness to them about the love of God.

Rev. Fungchato and Kalia Lo

Serving in Thailand with Mission of Christ Network

Fungchatou (Fung) and Kalia were born in Laos to two non-Christian families. By the grace of God, their families eventually made it to America and became Christians. Currently, Fung, Kalia and Mercy are serving the Lord in Thailand. Fung’s primary ministry is to improve the theological training that is currently going on with the Hmong pastors and leaders in Southeast Asia, where there are over two million Hmong still don’t know Jesus. He also provides support and discipleship training to the local Hmong Christian congregations to do outreach, start new ministries and plant more churches. Kalia’s primary ministries will be to assist an organization called “South East Asia Christian Services” by providing leadership and Christian education to the students and staff at Ban Hmong’s Hope Center, and initiates a deaconess training program for the Hmong women while finishing up her doctoral study in Higher Education from the Bethel University.


Megan Hakes

Serving in Spain with One Collective

Megan will be in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, working with a small business, Apotheca, to create a safe space and intentional community for women facing domestic violence. She will be teaching soap-making classes to build community and relationships, while advocating for Apotheca, as their products, such as soap, produce the proceeds that go directly towards helping the women. The soap acts as a median to create relationships between the women and the missionaries. One Collective highly values relationships as a priority and stepping stone to help others and share Jesus’s love with them, allowing them to better provide and connect the women to physical, mental, and spiritual resources in a more indirect culture than the US. The main goal is to assist the women in becoming self-sufficient to find independence away from their abuser in a setting where Jesus is shared through loving, serving, sharing testimonies and who Jesus really is.

Learn more about her work and support needs at THIS LINK.

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