Mission and Vision

Our Mission:  To be a joyful and supportive group of people in Seward, Nebraska, that is continually reaching out to connect people to Jesus Christ and to each other.

Our Vision:  People joined together by the Gospel of Jesus Christ and striving for new connections through open gatherings, conversations, service in the community, and mission beyond borders.

Our Values (ACCESS):  (These are the behaviors that will be demonstrated as we carry out Our Vision)

Accepting:  As Christians living under grace, we are accepting of all who seek a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our activities are conducted in an orderly way, but we will not allow fear of failure to delay action.  We relax and delight in the fact that God works through our efforts.

Connecting:  We establish connections with those who desire to follow Jesus Christ and those who are open to faith conversations.  We create open and welcoming environments in which individuals can be honest and accountable.  We gather in small groups and large groups for support, teaching, conversation and celebration.  We will connect with people where they are; not where we think they should be.

Caring:  We make connections with those around us by caring for their spiritual, physical, and emotional needs.

Equipping:  We teach the Word to equip each other for lives of service and outreach and to use faithfully the spiritual and monetary gifts God has given to us.

Seeking:  We seek the Holy Spirit’s guidance (as discerned and tested through prayer, Bible study, and the counsel of fellow Christians) so that we can join God where He is working rather than follow our own plans.  We find truth in the Bible.  It reveals God’s plan of eternal salvation and is relevant for daily living.

Sending:  We are active participants in our community, using our unique individual and collective gifts to serve in a variety of ways.  We encourage more action and fewer meetings.  We teach and equip people to grab opportunities to share and serve for Jesus’ sake, even if it means they will be absent from our gatherings.  We send them with our blessing for service in the community, at work, and at play.

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