Rock News: Prayer Guide for the Guatemala Mission Team’s Trip

November 2021 – The Rock Guatemala Mission Team Prayer List

As the date for our trip arrives quickly, we have had many things to be grateful for and many things that we should continue to pray for. There is power in prayer and it would mean a great deal to our team if you could join us in this mission through prayer. We appreciate your time and blessings towards us, our mission, and the people of Guatemala.

General Prayer Requests:

  • Prepared hearts, ones that are ready to serve and share Christ’s love as well as endure a new culture and surroundings.
  • Safe travels, to and from Guatemala, as well as in country transportation.
  • A bridge between the language barrier, that we may learn new ways of communication to be able to connect with and meet new people.
  • Please pray for our families back home.
  • Team chemistry, please pray for our team as we are composed of a variety of persons. Pray that we encourage and grow with one another on this trip.
  • Good sleep and good health and no COVID!


Specific Daily Prayers:

Sunday, November 21 – Safe travel, smooth connections with flights, passing through customs with our supplies without difficulties, guard over our van and driver as we are transported to Amatitlan, early bonding of the team, bless our fellowship with fellow believers as we worship at Santa Cruz church, pray for the 5 confirmands and 1 baptism which will take place at that service

Monday, November 22 – Bless our Vacation Bible School program, our teen ministry, and ladies ministry over the next 4 days. Renew relationships that have started on previous trips.

Tuesday, November 23 – Continue praying for our ministry efforts. Pray for meaningful relationships for everyone we come into contact with today. Pray for blessings for Dr. Elry, Liz, and Samy and the mission and ministry of Santa Cruz.

Wednesday, November 24 – Keep the team healthy and full of energy from the spirit to continue our work today. God’s presence with our team dynamics. Please pray for the Guatemalans—bless them and their families.

Thursday, November 25 – Give us great joy in our last day of VBS, teen, and women’s ministry. Make us aware of any ways that The Rock might continue efficient work here to the glory of God and the furthering of His kingdom.

Friday, November 26 – Please give us safe travel to/from the volcano we plan to hike today with the teens from Amatitlan. Bless our time together and relationships as we experience God’s beauty of Guatemala. Bless our evening of fellowship with the teens during our devotion and bonfire.

Saturday, November 27 – Please give us safe travel to Antigua where the team can experience some of the beauty, history and culture of Guatemala. Give us great joy in our new relationships and experiences as a team. Bless debriefing time and allow Your spirit to fill us with new goals to serve You upon our return home. Please grant us negative COVID tests so we can return to the United States tomorrow.

Sunday, November 28 – Bless our travel home and reorientation into our busy, materialistic society. Renew the faith of all members of our team and prepare them to share the great work we were able to see God doing this week.

We are so very grateful for your prayer support and pray for God’s blessings on all of you as well in whatever mission field you are in at the moment!