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July 7, 2024, Potluck lunch after the service
July 14, 2024, 2:00, Installation and ordination of Jonathan Bartels as pastor, followed by a reception (more details soon)
July 21, 2024, Annual Voters’ Meeting, after the service

Stay after the service this Sunday, July 7, for a potluck lunch! We want to spend some time in fellowship with the Loeschens to thank them for serving us so faithfully during our vacancy. Please bring both a main dish and a side/dessert to share.
Our current series is “Bible Verses to Highlight” so bring along your Bible and some highlighters, pens, or pencils to follow along.
The Rock Facility Improvement Project
Thank you to all who participated in our clean-up weekends!
While we are blessed to have such a magnificent facility, its size brings unique challenges when it comes to cleaning and upkeep. Many of you have asked, “How can I help?”—and now, we have a plan for The Rock Family to come together and take action! We’ve divided the entire building into 48 distinct areas, each with its own To-Do list, To make it easier for everyone to contribute, we invite you to “adopt” a room or area, and over the next year, enlist your friends or family to focus on just that ONE space. Whether it’s a big task or a small one, many hands will make light work, and there is something everyone can do to help.
With God’s people working side by side, we can accomplish amazing things! If you can help, please contact [email protected]. We have posted the To-Do Lists in each of the spaces so you can walk around and look at the areas before choosing your space.
We are getting ready to welcome Jonathan Bartels to serve as our next pastor. Soon-to-be Pastor Bartels, his wife, Emily, and their newborn son, Shepherd, have arrived in Seward.
While we wait for his ordination and installation day (scheduled for the afternoon of July 14), let’s prepare to shower them with local gift cards. Between now and their arrival in July, put any gift cards or Chamber Bucks you’d like to gift them into the offering basket. We’ll collect them and gift them to the Bartels at their welcome reception. (We will share more details about that day soon.)
Help welcome the Bartels family to the Rock and the Seward community by participating in our Meal Train! Sign up for a Monday, Wednesday, or Friday to either drop a meal off, take them out, or have them over for a meal! Sign up for a date and meal at this link.
Your information is needed for our directory! Please help our new pastor get to know your name. We are asking you to do two very easy things:If you haven’t already done so, please follow THIS LINK and check if you are in the directory, and if not, e-mail us and we’ll send you a form to fill out so that we can add you. The password currently is “ForeverFamily” but will change from time to time to protect our information.If you haven’t added your photo, go to THIS LINK for instructions on how to setup your login (which we won’t change on you) so that you can update your information and add a photo of your family. (link to Bill’s instructions)The quality of the directory depends on you updating your information, and we hope you will get in, update it and use it.
Our annual voters’ meeting will be held on July 21 after the service. If you would like to confirm that you are a voting member of The Rock, please see one of our Ambassadors. Visit our website leadership page to see who is serving and how to contact them.
We are hiring a part-time administrative assistant. We’ll share details soon. If you have questions, see one of the Ambassadors.
Our July item to donate in support of Blue Valley Community Action is canned meat—but not tuna, as that gets its own month. Thanks for being a blessing to the community in this way. You can see our Blue Valley Pantry item schedule on our website. Year-round they also collect the following: pasta, pasta meal mixes, instant potato side dishes, and mashed potatoes.
We are still in need of a backup caregiver for Nicodemus Comfort Dog. The role of the Back-up Caregiver is the same as the Primary Caregiver, only a much shorter time commitment. The Back-up Caregiver cares for the needs of Nico, getting him ready to go out to service when Randy and Marcia have scheduled time off. The Nico fund would set up that person or family with all needed supplies and training as to Nico’s verbal and house commands. 
The Back-up Caregiver does NOT have to be a member of the Rock Church or even a Lutheran, but must be a follower of Jesus. Policy from the Lutheran Church Charities (LCC), the head of the Comfort Dog Ministry who set the rules and commands for all the Comfort Dogs across the U.S.A., has changed.  Another pet within the Back-up Caregiver home is allowed but still not preferred.  
What the Nico Team is asking is that you sit with our Lord in prayer, to ask for a name that might be a possibility for a Back-up Caregiver for our Ministry. Please get that name with contact information to one of Nico’s Team members or one of the Rock’s leadership members, or submit it to our church office. Thank you for your prayers and help.
Visit the YogaFaith Facebook page for a full calendar and more information.
Minutes from the Ambassadors’ and Directors’ meetings can be found HERE. June minutes from our Directors are available HERE.Visit our website leadership page to see who is serving and how to contact them.
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Prayer requests are received by our prayer warriors. If you would like them kept confidential and not included in public prayers on Sundays, just let us know in your email.

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