COVID Safety Update

Among the Directed Health Measures from the office of Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts is one that applies directly to churches, including The Rock.  From November 11 through at least November 30, all those attending worship will be required to maintain six feet of physical distance between family groups.  To aid those in attendance, every other row of chairs in the worship area will be removed.  For those seated in the same row with others, please leave 6 feet of distance (3 chairs) open. Governor Ricketts and Nebraska public health officials are asking but not requiring Nebraskans to wear face coverings for added public safety. The Rock encourages those who attend public worship to keep everyone’s safety in mind.

Each worshiper must make a personal decision about the levels of safety and normalcy they require while also protecting others in the Forever Family.  The safest worship alternative remains online worship; the most “normal” worship remains in-person.  Both are available and important for our personal and congregational spiritual vitality, so you are encouraged to join us!


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