Rock News

Here’s your Rock news for the week:

  1. THIS SUNDAY. Jesus’ final days started with a celebration of his entry into Jerusalem. It’s the beginning of the huge party God is preparing for us. This week in Week 2 of Jesus: The Final Days, we’ll look at the “cause” behind what Jesus did at the end of his life on earth. We all are willing to do lots of things for a “good cause.” Join us this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. to look at what Jesus was willing to do for a good cause.
  2. EMBRACE ADOPTION SUPPORT: Has your life been touched by adoption or foster care? Are you interested in adoption or foster care? Come to the Rock at 7:30 pm on the last Monday of each month to be part of the Embrace Support Group providing support and information to those involved in adoption or foster care.
  3. GIVING AT THE ROCK: If you are interested, a copy of the income statement and balance sheet for the Rock for the first half of the fiscal year (July 1 to December 31) is available here. The statement shows that we are right on budget for giving as of December 31, but that means we are really a little behind. December giving should put us ahead of budget since giving is usually lighter in June. Thank you to everyone who faithfully and financially supports what God is doing in and through the Rock. Remember, if you would like to set up regular monthly contributions to happen automatically and electronically, you can fill out a Joyful Response form and drop it in the offering basket or get it to Dave Kumm, our church treasurer. Information about giving and the Joyful Response form are available here.
  4. STRATEGIC PLANNING: As the first step in some strategic planning, Pastor Mike and the leaders of the Rock are gathering information in lots of different areas (Finances, Worship, Facilities, Outreach, Children/Youth, Facilities) to help evaluate how we are doing. If you are contacted for information or to fill out a survey, please provide your honest feedback. Thanks!
  5. JOB OPPORTUNITIES. The St. John Child Development Center in Seward is in need of a cook and will be looking to fill a couple teaching positions soon. Interested parties can contact the Director, Rebecca Bimler, at 402-643-3122.
  6. BLUE VALLEY PANTRY: It’s March and time for a new item for the pantry. We were a little light on the soup contributions for February. Let’s step it up with lots of Peanut Butter in March. There’s nothing better to make Jesus’ love stick to someone else.

Have a blessed weekend!

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