Rock News

Here’s your Rock news for the week:

  1. THIS SUNDAY!  When you’re having a bad day and things seem out of control, don’t you wish you could press CTRL-ALT-DEL and reboot your day (or your life)?  Join us this Sunday for the beginning of a new series called (appropriately enough) CTRL-ALT-DEL to examine how to reboot your life.  We’ll gather at 10:00 a.m. at the Rock for great music and time together in God’s Word.
  2. HEY GRADUATES!  Are you graduating from high school or college in the next days or weeks?  We’d love to recognize all the Rock graduates on May 15.  We know you are out there so please respond to this email with a picture and a brief description of your future plans by Tuesday, May 10.  Thanks!
  3. STUFF TO BARK ABOUT:  The beginning of a comfort dog ministry at the Rock is getting closer all the time!  Training continues for the current class of Golden Retriever pups that will become comfort dogs.  God willing, one of them will be assigned to the Rock soon.  Also, this week, Randy Newsome (our Top Dog) and his wife Marcia, will travel to Illinois for a few days of training at Lutheran Church Charities. Please pray for God’s blessings on their travel and on their time of training.  Finally, we praise God for all the support the Rock has received.  In particular, we give thanks for the students at St. John Lutheran School in Seward who have designated their chapel offerings to go to the support of the comfort dog ministry at the Rock.
  4. UPDATE – A FIRM PLACE TO STAND:  Since last November, we have been in the first phase of plans to help the Rock connect people to Jesus over the coming months and years.  We’ve focused on how God gives us “a firm place to stand” (see Psalm 40), asked people to review the mission and vision and plans for the Rock and to commit to how they might be involved.  Over 25 families have made a commitment to pray for the Rock and to be involved in what God is doing at the Rock through gifts of time and financial gifts.  Thank you to all the families that have participated so far.  We praise God for how He has blessed the Rock through you.  As we conclude this first phase of A Firm Place to Stand, we would love for more people to indicate how they would like to be involved and participate in the blessings God is showering on the Rock.  All the details and a commitment sheet are attached.  Here’s a quick summary of how God has blessed the financial results so far and how close we are to our initial goals:

    One goal was to raise $150,000 in major gifts (pledged to come in over 3-5 years).  This will be used to pay down our construction loan and help with other final repairs and improvements. We have received major gifts/pledges of $143,375 so far!  That means we are only $6,624 away from our goal.

    A second goal was to raise $5,000 from room sponsors to help spruce up the classrooms on the 2nd floor of the Rock.  We have received $4,451.99 so far!  Only $548.01 to go!

    A final goal for the initial phase was to raise $15,000 for the initial funding of the comfort dog ministry.  As we have announced previously, we have already reached our goal for initial comfort dog funding!

  5. LEADERSHIP AT THE ROCK:  In July, we will have our annual meeting to elect leaders and to adopt a budget for the upcoming year.  We are in need of people willing to serve in leadership roles as directors or ambassadors.  If you would like to know more, please respond to this email or contact me or Pastor Mike.
  6. BLUE VALLEY PANTRY:  April showers bring May flowers.  What do May flowers bring?  Hay fever.  Grab a few boxes of facial tissues for the pantry and bring them to the Rock any time this month.
  7. SEWARD WOMEN’S CONNECTION:  In May, Seward Women’s Connection will be hosting Malinda Oeding.  As a nurse, she will share about her addition to drugs and her journey through three divorces.  Her personal faith message will encourage you.  No matter how difficult your life has been, God has a place for you.  The event is Monday, May 16.  Call 402-641-5311 for more information or to reserve your spot.
  8. CONCORDIA BASKETBALL CAMPS:  Concordia University in Seward offers basketball camps (and all kinds of sports camps) for 3rd through 12th graders.  In addition to improving athletic skills, campers hear the Gospel every day.  It’s a great combination.  A flyer for women’s basketball camps is attached.  More information on all the camps is available here: camps.

Happy Mother’s Day and blessing on your weekend.

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