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Dear Friends:

Here’s your Rock news for the week:

  1. THIS SUNDAY:  Feeling like you’re always busy?  Did you stop reading in the middle of this email to check a text message?  Are you reading this email on your smart phone in the bathroom because it’s the only place to get a little peace?  Well, take a little time to join us this Sunday at 10:00 a.m. at the Lied Senior Center.  Pastor Rich Boring will be leading us and will focus on what God’s Word has to say about the busy-ness we struggle with daily.  Come get a cup of coffee and relax with us (and bring your busy friends and family).
  2. JOINING JESUS:  The series is done, but don’t forget to keep working on the five practices from Joining Jesus on His Mission.  Keep at it and you’ll see Jesus popping out all over the place in your daily life.  As a reminder, the five mission practices are: seeking the Kingdom, hearing from Jesus, talking with people, doing good, and ministering through prayer.  If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book (Joining Jesus on His Mission by Greg Finke), respond to this email and we’ll help get you a copy.  Or, you can pick it up on Amazon.
  3. WORK NIGHT WEDNESDAYS.  Wednesdays are the normal work night at the new Rock so please come and help when you can.  There is painting and lots of other things to work on.  The new Rock is at 237 S. 2nd and work time usually runs from 5pm to 8pm or so.
  4. CHAIR-IT-ABLE CONTRIBUTIONS.  We’re getting close to our goal of 300 chairs!  If you haven’t participated yet, now would be a great time to step up (or sit down) and contribute!  Big thanks to all those you have already generously contributed.
  5. MORNING AMIGOS.  The morning amigos ladies’ bible study group meets on Thursdays from 10:15 am to 11:30 am at the Seward Civic Center, Room 2.  On July 30 and continuing through September 10, the ladies are doing a study called, “The Mended Heart – God’s Healing for Your Broken Places,” by Suzanne Eller.  All ladies are welcome.  There are two books still available.  Respond to this email or see Sara Moll if you would like one of the remaining books.  You can join the study or just read along with the group and come when you can.
  6. WOMEN OF FAITH.  This year’s Women of Faith conference is August 28-29 at Pinnacle Bank Arena in Lincoln.  We currently have 30 women signed up to go (praise God!).  There are a few tickets left at the price of $84.45 to sit in the lower section with the group from the Rock.   If you are interested please contact Sue Briggs at 402-430-9158 or [email protected].  This is the farewell tour after 20 years so don’t miss out!  Want to know more about the conference?  Click here:
  7. STEPPING STONES #1:    All families who have children (ages 3 to grade 4) are encouraged to register for Stepping Stones on The Rock’s website on the children’s page.  To get to the page, click on the “Connect” tab and select “Children.”  Stepping Stones will meet on Wednesdays and begin on Wednesday, Sept. 9 from 6:30-7:30 p.m. at the new Rock facility (237 S. 2nd).  More info is available on the children’s page on the website (
  8. STEPPING STONES #2: Stepping Stones is in the need of some supplies for the upcoming year.  Watch for the display at The ROCK at the worship gatherings (beginning Aug. 9) to see what is needed and how you can donate various items.
  9. STEPPING STONES #3:  Any adults who are interested in helping with Stepping Stones (children’s ministry at The ROCK for ages 3-grade 4) this year are welcome to join the team!  Concordia students are welcome to participate too!  Contact Holly Parry, Andrea Sloup or any other Stepping Stones team members for more information or e-mail questions to [email protected].
  10. NEED LEADERS.   We need a few more leaders to fill out the Board of Directors and the Ambassadors.  Would you be interested in sharing your talents with the Rock in this way? If you are interested or if you have questions, please respond to this email or see me at the Rock on Sunday.
  11. BLUE VALLEY PANTRY:   It is estimated that there are over 200 billion cans of food produced in the world each year.  Grab just a few cans this month and you can do a world of good.  August is canned fruit month for the pantry.

Blessings on your weekend.

Tim Moll

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