Rock News

Dear Friends:

Here’s your Rock news for the week…

  1. THIS SUNDAY.  Come to the Rock this Sunday for Week 1 of Liar Liar, a new series that really makes you want to say “pants on fire.”  We’ll be taking a look at some of the things the world readily accepts as truth, but that don’t square up with God’s Word.  This week we’ll examine whether “all roads lead to Rome.”  Check out theRock’s facebook page for a video previewing the series.  We’ll gather at 10:00 a.m. at the Lied Senior Center and that’s no lie.
  2. STAY FOR LUNCH NEXT SUNDAY.  Please plan to stay for lunch after our gathering on next Sunday, April 26.  It will be great time of fellowship and we’ll have the opportunity to say thanks and ask God’s blessings on our DCE interns as they complete the semester and their work among us.  If you can, please bring a salad or a dessert to share (or don’t and join us anyway).  Everything else will be provided.  Need some inspiration?  Click here for some Lutheran salad ideas. 
  3. ACCESS THE ROCK NEXT SUNDAY.   Do you have questions about the Rock?  Do you wonder why we do some of the things we do or what we teach and believe?   Are you interested in becoming any member of the Rock?  If you have asked any of these questions, then ACCESS the Rock is for you.  Pastor Mike and a few leaders of theRock will provide answers for about 90 minutes right after lunch on April 26.  Interested?  Let Pastor Mike know this Sunday or contact him by next Friday at [email protected] or message him on facebook.
  4. BLUE VALLEY PANTRY.  Grab some paper towels for the pantry any time this month.  Show someone how absorbent Jesus’ love can be.
  5. GOING OLD SCHOOL.  There is all kinds of activity going on at the new Rock.  Our contractor has begun demolition work on the third floor.  Drive by and you’ll see a big yellow tube coming out of the third floor for all the stuff they are gutting.  Also, work on the bank next door has begun.  They have moved a bunch of dirt in the last few days.  Please pray that all the work goes smoothly and that the workers will be blessed with safety and productivity.

Blessings on your weekend.

Tim Moll

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